In life, we have many fears and one of them is fear of rejection. We are afraid to show our true colors in the fear that we may push other people away. We are afraid of showing our talents and abilities in the fear that they might not appreciate them. Fear paralyzes us and hinders us from being the best version of ourselves. What do you think will happen if Michelangelo did not want to show his work to the rest of the world for fear that the rest of the world would not appreciate his craft? What do you think will happen if Michael Jackson just kept his musical talents to himself for fear that the world will judge his music? What do you think will happen if Pablo Picasso chose a different path other the arts for fear of not being recognized and not being appreciated? It is hard to imagine our world without them. And rightfully so because they were all considered influential artists all over the world and have made an impact in our everyday lives. And it would be a sad world without these people and all the other artists who have brought so much color in our world.  

So, this is my insight for today. Our insecurities and fears hold us back from achieving so much more in life. It is time to cast away these negativities and say hello to boldness and courage. Be brave enough to show other people who you really are – flaws and goodness, talents and shortcomings, and all that. For if we are courageous enough to express ourselves, then life will reward us with positivity. We can achieve our dreams. We can be fulfilled. We can be the best version of ourselves and frankly, I would not have it any other way.