Cannibal Flowers is making space for art. 

Art is everywhere. It is in the beauty of nature or the possibilities brought about by technology. It is found in the food we eat, photos we take, clothes we wear, or movies we watch. It is not just in the paintings, sculptures, literature, and theater. It is found in everyday things as long as you have the eye to appreciate it. 

Some works of art have the luxury of being presented to the rest of the world so that more people can attest to their beauty. But there are other works of art that do not have access to a larger audience who could appreciate their expression and meaning. That is why Cannibal Flowers is here to make space for any form of art. Because at Cannibal Flowers, we believe each work of art deserves to be seen and appreciated by more people. 

Cannibal Flowers is the brainchild of a group of ARTivists or people who have dedicated their lives to the cause of spreading art. These people believe that there are so many things that can be achieved through art such as expression, communion, and social change. They believe in bringing out the artist in each and every one of us. Or if we cannot be creators of art, then at least we can be appreciators of the artistic work before us. Because in this circle of artists and audiences, then art for art’s sake flourishes and encourages more individuals to produce works of art. 

Cannibal Flowers is a launching site for emerging artists. It can also be a venue for established artists to showcase their works because they are certain that we have the best and purest intentions for their talents.  

Cannibal Flowers welcomes everyone who is willing to share their art.