Welcome to Cannibal Flowers where we make space for any kind of art. We feature art for art’s sake. Because we believe in the talent of people and their capacity to invoke feelings among us through their creations. We want to provide a venue for all type of artists to showcase their work where they can reach a larger audience. We want to encourage people to appreciate art and to let the art speak to them in their everyday lives. Because art can be found in our everyday things and all around you and it always needs to be stored when not on display. Many people use their garage for this, but always make sure your garage is secure if you do. If you live in Arizona I recommend a1garage.com/tempe/, as they have helped me several times. All it takes is perspective. 

Cannibal Flowers is always looking for fresh talents and aspiring artists. We are honored to be the launching ground of your career into the arts. Cannibal Flowers is proud to say that we have started the careers of outstanding artists such as Nathan Cartwright, Joe Vaux, Tara McPherson, Nathan Cabrera, Joshua Clay, Blain Fontana, Bob Dob Ekundayo, Joe Ledbetter, Thomas Han, Tim McCormick, Jason Maloney, Leslie Reppetaux, Amy Sol, Nathan Spoor, Chet Zar, Chris Peters, Plastic Joe, and a whole lot more. If you would like us to showcase your work, submit your portfolio for review. We welcome artists of all genres – paintings, sculptures, bands, performers, live painters, movies, silk screening, and many more.   

Cannibal Flowers wants to see artists blossom. Like flowers, we want to nurture them until they become the beautiful flowers they were intended to be. Like flowers, they liven our surroundings and refresh our souls. But unlike cannibals, we do not feed on the flesh of other beings. Instead, we bask in their talents and want more people to experience their art. 

Be updated with the schedule and locations of art shows and contests. Check our Shows page for present and upcoming attractions, our featured artists, art shows, live music and beats, live painters, and pertinent information you need to know before going to these art shows.  

In our News section, we feature news about the local underground art scene, local art shows, art news and interviews with emerging artists. We also write about what is happening in the different art galleries around town and in different areas. This is also where you will find information about workshops for your crafts.  

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We would like to thank our lovely sponsors – Sour Harvest, Think Space Gallery, C.A.V.E. Gallery, L. Croskey, Hoplar Studios, Eyepsience, Isaac Pierro, Luke Chueh, and Alex Garcia for making our endeavors possible. Dear friends, we encourage you to check their respective websites and support their crafts so that we can all be a community helping each other in prospering art in our society.